Business blooms

Posted by: Laura Oliphant

The flourishing flowers across London, specifically on the Stand HQ roof top got me thinking about what makes a business bloom. Whilst I don’t have all the answers, I think it is an interesting topic to debate, and gives the perfect opportunity to talk about some of the ways that Stand Agency is blooming.

We all know creating a blooming business it’s not as easy as applying sunshine, water and the occasional bit of plant food, but I think it does boil down to a few key components.

Bravery – setting up and growing your own business is definitely a test of nerves.  Decisions are often made on gut instinct and assumptions, and with no crystal ball you have to trust a decision is right, and be happy to manage the consequences if it wasn’t quite! This could be to decline a new business lead, hire a wild card, or take more office space.  When we decided to expand our office it was a massive step, but three months on we have filled all the desks and are now wondering where we are going to put the next new person!

Luck – you can have all the plans in the world, but sometimes success just boils down to some old fashioned luck.  Richard Wiseman (The Luck Factor) believes luck depends on opportunity, and that you can create opportunities.  With this in mind every member of the Stand team is asked to generate a networking opportunity a month (more if they can) and in the last few weeks we have seen new business leads come from the most brief of conversations

OutSTANDing talent – everything seems doable with an amazing team of people around you.  Whether you are agreeing to another client request, managing competing deadlines, or fitting five day’s work into four (thanks Bank Holidays!!), talented, passionate and creative staff make it all possible.  We’ve made four hires since our last blog and every one of them has these things in the bucket load!

Outshining competitors – when your business is new, and less established than the agencies you compete against, it is key to punch above your weight.  In this year alone we have beaten/ taken accounts from five leading agencies.  Whether it’s in a competitive pitch, or by capitalising on a client unhappy with its current agency, you must be the business that people remember, who prospects believe and trust will do what they say, and more

Making everything matter – when you’re part of a new business and a small team, everything matters.  This is at the core of everything we believe at Stand.  We want to exceed client’s expectations, give journalists what they need, make a good impression with everyone we meet and treat our staff the way we always wanted to be treated.  It sounds idealistic but it really does matter.

We turned two a few weeks ago, and are now an agency with 13 staff, two offices and clients in the double figures and lots of this is down to BLOOM.

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