Keep going for your serve

Laura Oliphant
Written by Laura Oliphant

A few weeks ago pictures were shared of Andy Murray’s motivational notes he carries with him during a big match. Some of them apply to life in general, like be good to yourself and others are more tennis specific, like keep going for your serve.  The idea of reminding yourself of what helps you perform at your best got me thinking about what inspires me to be the best I can be. So taken with this idea we have created a quote wall at Stand Agency Towers so we can get some quick inspiration on the way to the kitchen.  In terms of what I would have on my motivational crib sheet here are a few ideas:

  • You create your own luck
  • Try your best (also on the Andy Murray motivation sheet)
  • Turn disappointment into opportunity
  • Be nice to everyone you meet
  • Do something you’ll be remembered for – every day, every year, in a lifetime

And some of my inspirations:

  • Family – I’m part of a big family and sibling rivalry definitely helped me develop focus from an early age.  Even as adults it’s something that drives me to run a little faster and try a little harder!
  • The weather – I can always achieve more when the sun is shining and my skin is warm
  • Company I keep – Stand Agency colleagues, gym buddies, choir chums.  Being around positive people helps me believe I can always do better
  • Travel – new places and experiences fill me with ideas and excitement about the next new ‘plan’
  • My daughter – in the hope she sees me as a great role model when she goes on to outstanding things with her life

Obviously we are all motivated by different things but like Andy, maybe sometimes we should remind ourselves what those things are so they impact on our performance right now.

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