Meet Stand Agency’s … Georgina Miller

Posted by: Nikki Peters

In the second instalment of our Q&A’s we’d like to welcome our newest recruit with a quick interrogation.

How and why did you get involved in PR?

My career in PR started with an internet survey. I was studying languages at university and did one of those questionnaires which tell you what you should be in the future. It suggested journalism and PR as possible options so I started looking into it. My first job was an internship in Munich in B2B technology PR and I enjoyed it so much I stayed there for a year and a half. I was hooked on PR.

What keeps you working for Stand Agency?

What I really enjoy about Stand (so far) is that the team actually encourages innovation and new ideas at every turn (and doesn’t just say it does). We’re a small agency so we have the freedom to make it what we want and it’s a really exciting opportunity to create something great.

In another life, what profession other than yours would you have attempted?

I love travelling and eating so my ideal job would to be a restaurant and or travel critic. Who knows, maybe I still will one day…

What do you enjoy doing beyond the walls of Stand Towers?

I’m a real culture geek and one of the things I love about London is all the new exhibitions, shows, restaurants, pop ups etc. That’s not to say I don’t watch some truly trashy TV too, and have a bit of a box set addiction – Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Firefly, Big Bang Theory – you name it, I’ve probably watched all of it.

What pearls of wisdom can you impart to those embarking on a career in PR?

Try everything. PR is a really varied career and you’ll be surprised what you can get into if you try it out. There are so many areas you can specialise in or types of agencies so it’s worth getting a range of experience – it will always come in handy. I meet PR grads who say they want to do crisis comms (because it sounds exciting) but I’ve actually found that sometimes the most unexpected topics (Financial Technology anyone?) can be the most interesting.

Georgina’s S.T.A.N.D quick-fire faves:

Song – I’m a believer – Smash Mouth

Taste – Chocolate (it’s standard but an instant pick-me up)

Animal – Pig (they’re so intelligent and warm hearted)

Noise – Rustling grass in a field (I’m a country girl at heart)

Drink – Champagne

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