Meet Stand Agency’s… Grace French!

Posted by: Olivia Williams

Tags: PR

Here’s a quick intro to our newest Senior Account Executive.

How and why did you get involved in PR?

I’ve always been fascinated by what makes people tick and how we engage with the world around us. I studied psychology at university, and when I finished my degree I was drawn to the variety and interactivity of PR. I wanted to work in a creative yet challenging environment that focuses on inspiring change, and PR was a great fit.

What drew you to Stand Agency?

I immediately felt so at home when I joined Stand. The passion that everyone has for the organisations we work with is so inspiring, and I love helping our clients towards positive change. It’s an incredibly supportive and encouraging environment; you’re given the opportunity to work on brilliant projects and you have so much fun whilst doing so.

In another life, what profession other than PR would you have attempted?

I’ve always loved the idea of being an interior designer. I love experimenting to see how a room can best come together – although I have such a clear vision I think I would end up doing the same eclectic style in every house! A touch of new, old and some handmade items thrown in for good measure.

What do you enjoy doing beyond the walls of Stand Towers?

Travelling is a huge love of mine – the more I see of the world, the more I want to experience new places, and I always bring something back as a reminder of where I’ve been. Before joining Stand I spent a few weeks exploring Sri Lanka’s beaches, ancient ruins and nature reserves – and brought back lots of tea for the Stand team!

What pearls of wisdom can you impart to those embarking on a career in PR?

It’s important to embrace the fact that the variety of PR goes hand in hand with unpredictability. Coverage will be dropped and meetings will be cancelled last minute, but it’s important to not let small setbacks get to you. Every surprise setback presents a learning opportunity which will help you think more quickly on your feet next time.

And stay curious; you’ll be surrounded by so many brilliant, intelligent people and you should never feel afraid to ask questions, jump in on brainstorms and suggest new ideas. A fresh perspective is always welcome and a new idea could make all the difference to a campaign.

Grace’s S.T.A.N.D quick-fire faves:

Song – Bedouin Soundclash, When The Night Feels My Song – it’s the soundtrack to all my travels

Taste – rhubarb and orange crumble, comforting with so much character

Animal – a classic: it has to be dogs, their joy for life is so endearing

Noise – rain at your window when you’re indoors, cosy with a cup of tea. Total bliss

Drink – G&T with ice. Cheers!

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