Meet Stand Agency’s… Holly Ellis!

Written by Holly Ellis

Holly recently joined Stand Agency as a Junior Account Executive and is working across social media and assisting commercial and financial services accounts. Holly stands out for bravery and making her own luck.

How and why did you get involved in PR?

I guess it kind of found me. I’d been to a lecture on PR as part of my Journalism course at uni and found it really interesting, but it wasn’t until I’d finished that I came across it again. I was sat in a coffee shop and overheard two people next to me talking about work. I interrupted and asked what they did and where they worked. And that’s where my Stand Agency journey began! After interning at Stand I then became a permanent member of the team.

What attracted you to work at Stand Agency?

It was 100% the team. Everyone was, and continues to be, so supportive. No matter how many questions are asked, someone always has time to answer them. It’s a fun atmosphere to be in which makes going to work enjoyable.

In another life, what profession other than yours would you have attempted?

I would be David Attenborough. I absolutely love animals so it would be great to study them around the world and document it all on camera.

What do you enjoy doing beyond the walls of Stand Towers?

I like walking…around shops. I like shopping. Lots of shopping. Oh and cooking – I enjoy cooking and baking as well, but only if you get to eat the results.

What pearls of wisdom can you impart to those embarking on a career in PR?

Ask questions and write things down! You never know when you might need that nugget of knowledge so keep a note of it. And you can never ask too many questions. No matter how many times you’ve tried to figure something out, a lot of the time, asking a simple question is what you need to do.

Holly’s S.T.A.N.D quick-fire faves:
Song – Anything Arctic Monkeys
Taste – Banoffee pie & pizza (although not together)
Animal – Elephant
Noise – Creaking spine on a book
Drink – Prosecco

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