Meet Stand Agency’s… Katie Elliott!

Posted by: Olivia Williams

Tags: PR

Meet the newest member of the Stand Agency team!

How and why did you get involved in PR?

For me, it actually dates way back to my childhood days where I spent many hours sticking my very own newspapers and magazines together (so cool I know!). After embarking on a Multimedia Journalism degree, I knew I was destined to be a story teller. It wasn’t until I began working on the feature desks of regional newspapers and glossy lifestyle magazines and hearing from passionate PRs, that I realised my heart lies with the ‘dark side’. PR affords the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in an idea, a campaign or a client and see it come to life.

Why did you join Stand Agency?

My PR career to date has involved working across a real spectrum of press offices. One day I was launching the latest beauty trend or Samsung phone to the UK and another saw me donning welly boots for a life-saving lifeboat charity or wrapping myself in Christmas wrapping paper to raise awareness for an NHS Blood and Transplant campaign. My reason for joining Stand was to have the opportunity to be involved solely with organisations which exist to make a positive impact or influence to our society. Stand offers exactly that.

In another life, what profession other than PR would you have attempted?

I actually reckon I would have made it as a firewoman! I once saved a family from a house fire whilst out filming for a university project. I’ll happily take on Stand’s resident fire warden duties.

What do you enjoy doing beyond the walls of Stand Towers?

When not checking out (Insta snapping) the latest brunch scene or yoga class in south London, I’m spending time exploring the salty South coast with my friends and family or planning my next travelling adventure!

What pearls of wisdom can you impart to those embarking on a career in PR?

I was once taught that the real news story is not ‘the dog that bites the man; it’s the man that bites the dog’. Bear with me… To excel in PR you must be able to think outside the box. You have to engage journalists and the public in the most eye catching, thought-provoking way possible.

Katie’s S.T.A.N.D quick-fire faves:

Song – Oh gosh. Fleetwood Mac – Go your own way

Taste – My nanny’s very lemony very drizzly cake

Animal – A Donkey – I’ve been sponsoring the little cuties circa 1999!

Noise – The waves

Drink – I’m partial to an Espresso Martini

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