Nice to see you, to see you, Nice

Written by Fiona Gildea

Last month, Stand Agency and a handful of respected national newspaper reporters embarked on a press trip to Nice in France for our client, foreign exchange specialist moneycorp.

Property and personal finance reporters from publications such as The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph joined us on the flight to the Cote d’Azur, looking to find out how Brits could make the most of the strong pound/ euro exchange rate and snap-up a dream French property.

This is not the first press trip we’ve packed our sun cream for and we’ve witnessed time and time again the value of building strong relationships with journalists. In the busy world of public relations, it can feel like not a day goes by without someone proclaiming the “new” way PR should be done, but some golden rules will always remain.

Soaking up the sun and sipping on rosé, we introduced the reporters to our client’s expertise.  As part of a trip designed to spark topical talking points and place moneycorp’s knowledge front-of-mind, we explored the Cote d’Azur waterfront, dined in cool bistros and toured eye-catching properties on for sale.

With our feet now firmly back on British soil, we are seeing the results of our French escape come to fruition. We’ve secured coverage with articles on buying French property and discussing the importance of speaking to a foreign exchange specialist from each of the reporters that attended the trip. In addition we have cemented an understanding of who our client is with the reporters – and they are returning to us for insight for their other articles.

We knew drinking that champagne was worth it!

Fiona Gildea is a Senior Account Executive with several international press trips under her belt and has the Insta-spam to prove it.

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