Our work


We’ve worked with not-for-profit care and housing provider Anchor since 2013. Our strategic campaigns and slick press office have cemented Anchor’s position as a champion of later life and a go-to media authority on the issues that matter to older people.


Our work is grounded in sector and audience insight and aligns with strategic business priorities. This approach allows us to call for meaningful change with a solutions-focused approach. We’ve established and maintained strong relationships with health and social care media, to help place Anchor’s experts front of mind. We continually monitor the news agenda to identify gaps and create opportunities for comment. We plan creative campaigns that educate the public on the importance of later life planning, demand better for the social care sector and its workforce, improve the wellbeing of older people, and strengthen intergenerational bonds.


In the past year alone, we’ve secured over 1,000 pieces of coverage for Anchor, across national, consumer and regional – all with a positive sentiment and linking to key messages. We’ve profiled a diverse range of Anchor’s colleagues and residents, highlighting how you can have a fulfilling later life with the right support. We’ve been strategic in our outreach, focusing our coverage efforts on priority audiences for Anchor. Our latest social media campaign reached over 200k people, with 120k video views and 1.2k website visits.