Our work

Duke of Edinburgh Award

We got the nation debating the different ways teenagers can build their character.


In 2018, the Government created an ‘Activity Passport’ for primary school children which included a list of character-building activities. However, there was no such list for teenagers, so we conducted in-depth research into what builds character and found there is a distinct lack of opportunities available for young people.
The research, which also polled the public, business leaders and parents, helped us inform The Experience List; a list of 25 activities and experiences that every teenager should have the chance to try, to help build their character and ultimately boost employability. We ran a successful social media campaign to launch The Experience List.


During this two-week launch period Facebook and Instagram ads strategically targeted teenagers, parents of teenagers and teachers in the UK. These ads reached people who may not already be aware of the DofE, introducing them to The Experience List. We produced an engaging set of visuals assets, including videos, GIFs and infographics which highlighted research insights, as well as web content to support the campaign. Organic activity and ads together had over 1.09m impressions across all platforms. There were over 15k interactions with organic posts and ads. The hashtag #TheExperienceList reached 1.1m people on Twitter and campaign landing page had 31.8k page views during the time