Our work

Pollen Street Capital

To support Pollen Street Capital’s business and growth strategy amidst a time of significant transformation in the sector, we refreshed their positioning and established a strategic press office to make sure the right investors, industry leaders and influencers take notice.


We undertook an intensive insight phase to develop new positioning for Pollen Street Capital that felt authentic and accurately portrayed the unique opportunities its expertise and portfolio of financial services companies can provide. We immersed ourselves in their landscape and audiences, gathering insights from investors and their portfolio to understand and interrogate perceptions.​ We then identified aspects of the brand to refine and developed an in-depth narrative, positioning, values, and tone of voice that felt relevant and impactful. We’ve used these assets to build momentum for Pollen Street Capital as an industry expert by nurturing relationships with top tier financial services media and particularly Private Equity and Credit specialist titles.


We have carved out a powerful position for Pollen Street Capital, supported by a narrative that articulates how the firm and its portfolio are uniquely poised to unlock the opportunities presented by changes in technology, regulation, and market fluctuations.​ Armed with authentic and powerful positioning, our integrated communications strategy amplifies key messages to target audiences.

Since commencing our work together, we’ve built the foundations for Pollen Street Capital as a key industry thought leader, securing quality coverage in top national and trade publications, including Financial Times, Private Equity International, Private Debt Investor, Mergermarket, and Private Equity Wire.