Our work

Recognising partners on the pregnancy journey

We created #InThisWithYou for Tommy’s to raise awareness of a new support hub.


70% of partners felt that support for them during and after pregnancy was not good or non-existent. Our challenge was to raise awareness of a new hub, among an entirely new audience. We wanted to meet partners where they were, adopting a test and learn approach. We crafted the #InThisWithYou campaign, reaching partners through the workplace, organic and paid-for social media spanning Instagram, Reddit and Spotify, in health care settings and through influencer support.


During the campaign, there were over 3,000 visits to the hub, 500K+ views of video, and a 2.7% increase in male visitors. We secured engagement from 13 influencers, and five large corporate organisations shared information about the hub. From the paid social activity, there were 1.8 million impressions and 128,000 engagements. The charity received a high level of qualitative feedback, praising the importance of the hub.