Our work

Safer Internet Day 2022

We worked with the UK Safer Internet Centre on an awareness-raising campaign which explored children and young people’s experiences in online gameplay, and how online games have been a lifeline for many throughout the pandemic.


Through an integrated press office, consumer research revealed young people’s experiences with online games and apps, while stressing the importance of identifying the risks and staying safe during a time of unprecedented gameplay.

We positioned Safer Internet Day as a day to raise awareness of the safe and enjoyable use of technology, and open conversations between children, young people, parents, carers, and guardians on safe internet use and online safety education.


We secured a total of 533 pieces of coverage, 458 of which were regional hits and 83 national hits, totalling a potential audience reach of 142M+.

38% of online / print pieces mentioned SID in the headline and 97%quoted a spokesperson.

We facilitated a Sky News Radio piece with UKSIC’s Digital Champions, which played across 14 stations.

2022 saw our highest ever supporter and coverage numbers, which has given us a perfect opportunity to capitalise on the interest in internet safety–positively impacting more people beyond just Safer Internet Day.