Our work

Safer Internet Day

We helped young people to feel empowered about their online lives.


The UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC) coordinates the UK’s annual Safer Internet Day, a global advocacy day encouraging safe and responsible technology use for young people. We’ve partnered with Safer Internet Day for four years, each time working with the charity to research a different aspect of internet safety, polling children and young people in the UK to uncover actionable insights and encouraging young people to engage in a positive way with the internet.


In 2021, coverage has reached even further and wider than last year, with a staggering 150+% increase, proving that with the right strategy you can break through a tough news agenda and achieve quality results. Highlights included Daily Express. MetroPress Association, inewsBBC NewsroundTES and briefings on BBC One / World TV, ITV Regional News, Sky News Radio and various other regional broadcast channels. For the first time in its history, Safer Internet Day was also a #No.1 trending topic on Twitter.