Our work

Taking online safety beyond one day

Inspiring a national conversation about using technology responsibly with Safer Internet Day.


Since 2018, we’ve raised awareness of safe internet use amongst children and young people, starting conversations that go beyond Safer Internet Day. 

The online environment is constantly evolving, and we are up against a crowded news space year-on-year. The last two years have seen the most unpredictable news agenda, making getting the word out about internet safety more difficult than ever.


 In 2022 we saw our highest ever coverage numbers, including pieces with The One Show, PA and The Independent. We reached 54% of UK children, with 84% saying they had a better understanding of how to stay safe playing online games, and 80% feeling more confident about what to do if they are worried about something online. 67% of parents and carers also spoke to their child about online safety.