Press release: City Year UK appoints Stand Agency to increase profile

Posted by: Olivia Williams

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City Year UK, a leading youth social action charity, has appointed Stand Agency to increase its profile across national and regional media to support its ambitious growth targets.

Following a competitive pitch process, Stand Agency was chosen to support City Year UK’s press office and campaign activity.

City Year UK challenges 18-25 year-olds to tackle educational inequality through a year of full-time voluntary service. As mentors, tutors and role models in schools, they support pupils growing up in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK.

Laura Oliphant, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Stand Agency said:

‘We’re passionate about ensuring young people are given the opportunity to develop and progress as individuals. It isn’t only a question of social mobility; it’s also about offering both City Year leaders and the young people they help a chance to give back to society and redefine the power of education , whether this be through learning soft-skills or providing the next steps in a young person’s career.

‘We can’t wait to start demonstrating the impact of a service year and helping City Year UK start recruiting additional young people, schools and supporters.’

Sophie Livingstone, CEO of City Year said:

‘Stand Agency stood out for being an intuitive PR agency that was accustomed to challenging key messages for charities across the UK, for all age groups.

‘With such cross-generational experience we knew they were perfectly equipped to bring the message of City Year to thousands of children, teenagers and the wider society through insightful media approaches.’


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