Our #CrackingClientCoverage in January

Written by Olivia Williams

Tags: #CrackingClientCoverage PR

Starting as we mean to go on, Stand kicked off 2017 with some #CrackingClientCoverage! Our approach to beating the January blues (and dry January), worked for us, and our clients.

City Year UK

A brilliant piece of coverage for City Year UK on Good Morning Britain following a visit to a partner school from Sir Trevor McDonald.

The charity, which gives young people aged 18-25 the opportunity to become mentors and role models in challenging schools, has been working with Sebright Primary since 2010.

The coverage demonstrated the benefits of volunteering for young people, and the interview with Sophie Livingstone, Chief Executive of City Year UK, highlighted the importance of taking a domestic gap year and the positive impact it can have on the wider community.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

This was fantastic case study led feature for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in My Weekly. It followed seventy-two-year-old Alma who undertook a skydive for the family Diamond Challenge. Case studies have been a big part of our outreach to help promote the Diamond Challenge. This piece demonstrated that age is just a number, you’re never too old to try new things and really challenge yourself.


Scottishlegal.com: Specialist Membership for Lawyers Advising on Older Client Law Launches in Scotland

To mark the launch of SFE’s new membership group in Scotland this month, the team secured coverage and a website link on ScottishLegal.com, Scotland’s leading independent legal portal. The site serves the entire community so it’s an ideal way to engage with potential members and stakeholders.


The Express: City News

This coverage, secured for Moneycorp, positions CEO Mark Horgan as a trusted voice in FX and the knock-on of changes like Brexit on the overseas property market.

Oliver Wyman

Raconteur: Digital Economy 2017

 Coverage in one of Oliver Wyman’s targets, The Times special report, Raconteur: Digital Economy 2017, was a great piece for a number of reasons. As well as referencing new research carried out by the management consultancy, it positions Chris McMillan, partner at Oliver Wyman, as an industry expert and thought-leader on the topic of online data and cyber security – a hot topic in the news agenda at the moment.


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