Taking the time to reflect, recoup, reset and reward

Sadie Fox
Written by Sadie Fox

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As many will say, the pandemic which has consumed our lives over the last year, has provided us with opportunities to reflect, recoup, reset and rightly reward ourselves.

In one full cycle, we’ve gone through the ups and downs of home working, the trials and tribulations of Zoom and ongoing lockdown fears. After what has felt like a 2-year life break for many, we are now starting to see the circle of life spring back into action, once more.

It’s certainly been an emotional journey; however, despite the majority of us being eager to get back into the swing of things, it is of course important to remember those in our lives who have anxiety about returning to a ‘normal’ society and those who have consistency struggled throughout the pandemic. We are all human, with our own poignant pandemic story to tell, so taking the time to reflect recoup, reset and reward will be just as prevalent post-pandemic, as it was beforehand.

As we break out of our home offices and return to our social offices, now is the perfect time for us to reflect on the workplace champions who vow to continue investing and understanding the importance of the infamous work life balance.

As I write this, I am visiting my mum at the edge of the Cornish Coastline – St Ives – after the pandemic gave her the nudge she needed to move to the idyllic seaside town and summer staycation hotspot. She saw one of the opportunities the pandemic gave us, packed up her mini and is now pursuing her lifelong dream.

Despite being a regular office goer since we were allowed back in March 2021, having the opportunity to work from here for 2 weeks without dispute, has been a lifeline. Not only has it given me the chance to spend time with my mum after a long period apart, but has also given me the opportunity to reflect on what’s been a very challenging year, personally and professionally.

As part of our benefits package, Stand rewards employees with creative perk half days to discover a passion, educate ourselves or just reset and have a bit of down time. To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, I thought this the perfect opportunity to combine my half days and spend Friday travelling around Cornish National Trust / English Heritage sites and enjoy the company of family, before heading back to the big city.

It’s truly given me the chance to reset the mind, reward my tenacity for the last year and reflect on how grateful I am to be part of an agency that champions health, wellbeing and inspires a passionate company culture. What might seem like just a simple thoughtful benefit, truly does go a long way. I have no doubt we should continue to reward ourselves with the little things, that ultimately mean a lot.

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